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iCardio is designed to help you stay healthy, lose weight is the basis of many New Year's resolutions, but by now almost all of those resolutions have faded away. Working out and staying fit is difficult without the proper routines and guidance. At iCardio Fitness, our health inspired workouts will help anyone become fit and build muscle quickly and safely.

Here are some of our happy clients who got results and what they have to say!


What Jennifer Pitt Says about iCardio Fitness Training Program Seth and his staff of trainers are the best of the best! iCardio trainers are not like trainers at a "membership gym". You will get very personalized service and they will watch to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly so you don't injure yourself. You will be provided a meal plan to help you reach your goal in an achievable time with the results YOU want. iCardio has members of all different ages and sizes so you don't have to feel worried if you are a newbie like me. The staff and trainers are friendly, and encouraging and will get you motivated to work out to your full potential and achieve even more than you thought you could compared to working out alone. iCardio is much more affordable than I thought. If you are serious about getting healthy and getting results you should come see Seth. Not only will you do the right exercises to get results quick, but you will be educated as to why his formula of food and training REALLY WORK!! I am on my second week with iCardio and i just want to say thank you iCardio for getting me motivated and healthy. I love this new journey we have started!!

Owner of ChromaTan

Jennifer Pitt
Chritina Myers weight loss journey at iCardio Fitness Center, Phoenix It's been exactly 4 months since I met Chris Turner and he showed me the way of the gym (I will seriously be forever grateful for you Chris) I told myself I would release these before and afters at this point I had no idea I would be down a total of 54 pounds and...... 62 inches!!! That's about 3 jeans sizes! Literally 10 inches just in my waist.. Looking forward to leaning out and toning up the next few months!!!

Owner of Hair by Christina Myers

Christina Myers



What Madisen thinks about iCardio's Weightloss program I love doing iCardio class with you all! The motivation and family vibe is what makes me so excited to go and see everybody! I've lost over 50lbs in my fitness journey.


Madisen Bender







Delanie Thompson - iCardio Fitness Canter's happy member Come try icardio with me! I absolutley love it!


Delanie Thompson





Kelsey has a great weightloss experience at iCardio Fitness Kelsey Griffin





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iCardio Fitness is a dream come true! An hour workout at iCardo took me a week to achieve the same calories burned by myself. I have a weak knee from a sports injury so cardio has always been a struggle because of pain it would cause. Since iCardio is a LOW impact cardio gym, I have literally have not had any pain in my knee! They have equipment there that I've never seen before and you can't find it at a normal gym. Chris is absolutely amazing and extremely motivating! You'll never be bored doing a cardio workout with him, he makes it very fun! I never thought I would use the words "cardio" and "fun" in the same sentence, but I just did! If you are an extremely busy person like I am and don't have time to run 6 miles a day to only experience the high impact pain the next day, then iCardio is a perfect place to start!


Rachel Albaugh
I have always liked going to the gym doing my own workouts following the same routine back to back, I was referred to Icardio from a friend and all I can say is wow!!!, I have seen more results in the 4 weeks that I have been coming 4x a week than the numerous days I have spent in the gym doing my own thing. Chris Turner is an amazing trainer, keeps the class fun and challenging, always correcting form to ensure we are getting the most out of our workouts. Try a class today, trust me you won't be disappointed!!!!!!


Selena Priemer