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Welcome to iCardio Fitness “Blue Stance For Health”

Hi, Welcome to iCardio Fitness “Blue Stance For Health”

Which happens to be our first zone of three zone heart rate training program.

There are three levels of intensity in our programs

Level 1 is really going to let you know what happens at iCardio Fitness. Thats going to really ignite your metabolism, this level gets your heart rate “into end of the threshold” which optimizes fat loss & calorie burn upto 36 hours after you workout with burning even more calories.

In our studio when you come in our facility, you will see 4 different components.

  • CardioVasular Training using cardio equipment.
  • Core & Power using carrabells, rowers and punching backs.
  • Moving through the strength training portion, in which we use dumbbells & suspension trainers.
  • Finally arriving at the end of our workout, where we work on your mobility through different stretches.

One of the thing people notice when they walk in our facility is not just the sense of community but of comradely. It is not uncommon for our clients to walk around, giving Hi5s to each other, giving shout outs when someone is doing an amazing job and that’s something that we strives for here at iCardio Fitness to make that happen. That makes people want to come back, they want to be a part of it.

So, If you are ready to change the rest of your life through fitness then I will see you at iCardio Fitness studio.

Client Review:

Hi, My name is stacy, I have been working out with Seth’s program since April 2013, for about 14 months. I came to Seth because I was about 70 pounds over-weight at the time, I weight about 230 pounds and I was embarrassed to leave the house. I had no energy, I couldn’t walk about probably 3 blocks.

I was hired, couldn’t work well with my work schedule either because I had a very high stress job and I was looking to lose weight and to tone up. When I start over with Seth, He was very tough, won’t let you quit and since being with Seth I lost about 70 pounds, I think technically 80 pounds because I have lost 10 pounds or gained 10 pounds of muscle over the last 14 months and I mean it’s been life changing.

You don’t really notice like you know you don’t want to leave the house & I really didn’t want to leave the house.

So, It has changed my life, I have met a ton of different people, I have made friends here.

He doesn’t let you quit, he doesn’t let you give up basically thinks that you shouldn’t think that its not possible because you had a weight problem for 36 years & now possible. So you can’t really express that kind of appreciation & words but its for anybody. I had weight problems since I was 8, I was always been overweight, was made fun of it at school and for the first time in my life, I felt I am embarrassed to go shopping, put on a swim suit just again walking out of the house was a real challenge.

So, if I can do it, really anybody can do it because honest to GOD, weightloss was harder than going to law school, taking the bar, becoming the lawyer and starting my own practice, 20 times harder than anything I have done and he very much made it possible.

So, I recommend his program to anyone.

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author: Modasser Abbas


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