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Seth Thurston - Personal Trainer at iCardio Fitness Phoenix Arizona

A message from iCardio Fitness Founder Seth Thurston:

Hey there, yes I'm talking to you. I'm so glad you found us because now you are just one step away from getting the body you want. Just like all the REAL people on this site.

Life is just better when you're fit and that's why we created the world's most unstoppable fitness formula that combines all the best stuff (Cardio, weights, kickboxing, and stretching) into one amazing fat shredding 60 minute workout.

It takes 21 Days to build a habit so over the next 21 days we're gonna prove to you that you can wake up each morning feeling fit, lean and strong - Oh and have a ton more energy too!

Feel free to check out my video above and take advantage of our 21 Day Special!

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Seth Thurston


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Stacy Hyderi - iCardio Fitness Client
I love doing iCardio class with you all! The motivation and family vibe is what makes me so excited to go and see everybody! I've lost over 50lbs in my fitness journey.
Teila Mayne - Got great fitness results at iCardio Fitness
Come try icardio with me! I absolutley love it! -Delanie Thompson
JF Bertrand Achieved her fitness goals through iCardio Fitness Center
On my first workout at iCardio I burned more calories than in ANY other workout EVER before (730)! Whatever your goals are for life, your body or your dreams just Go For It!