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We offer a complementary consultation and assessment. Meet with a iCardio Trainer to discuss your goals, go through an assessment to get a baseline of where you are starting, and we will give you a full plan to reach your goals. Contact us today

Our Promise To You

Delivering to you the best personal trainers in the North Phoenix, we promise to hold true to that expectation. We don't just give workouts. Your program will be designed based on your goal and customized to your body. You have unique needs and goals whether that be weight loss, toning and sculpting, or creating a healthier lifestyle.

We want you to be successful in achieving your goal, so included with
your personal training is: iCardio Group Training and Nutritional Meal Planning.

Meet with a personal trainer to talk about a plan for your goals. Click or Call (623) 777-9755

Weight Loss

Tired of unwanted fat? We are here to guide, support, and keep you accountable. Let us give you the best program for your body and help you speed up your fat loss doing the things that we know work. Spend less time in the gym and reach your goals faster, in the safest way possible. We will not only help you reach your goal but help you develop the habits and lifestyle that will maintain your results. > Weight Loss

Tone And Sculpt icardio fitness personal trainers in north phoenix az

Firm your body by losing that last 5-10lbs of fat and build lean long muscle to give shape. This program will give you the accountability and motivation you need to get past your plateau and finally make long lasting changes. Don't wait any longer! > Tone And Sculpt

Health And Vitality

Establishing a healthy lifestyle is the foundation of long lasting results and overall health. It is our mission to help you achieve your goals and give you the ongoing education, nutrition planning, and accountability you need. > Health And Vitality

What Our Members Are Saying

Checkout Testimonials Page and learn what our happy clients are saying about iCardio Fitness training & facilities.


Our coaches are the best in phoenix fitness industry. Passionate about fitness, knowledgeable about science, and focused 100% on you. Meet with a trainer to talk about your goals. Setup a your complimentary consultation and assessment here!

For visiting our fitness facility, iCardio Fitness is Conveniently located in North Phoenix just south of North Mountain:9822 N 7th St #1 Phoenix, AZ 85020 Call: (623) 777-9755 Open 5:30 AM - 8:00 PM Monday - Saturday

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