People doing workouts at iCardio Fitness Studio Phoenix Arizona

Located in North Phoenix, iCardio Fitness is an intelligent cardio system comprised of 4 phrases: cardio, strength, functional, and core training.

The workouts are designed to deliver intense fat burning, and body sculpting workouts in an energetic and fun environment.

Our comprehensive training system takes you through a power packed 60 minute workout to help boost your metabolism and improve your cardiovascular endurance while at the same time sculpting and toning your body. Try 1 complementary workout

Results driven program. Backed by Science

Using science of EPOC our workouts maximize your calorie burn by creating an after burn effect that torches over 200% more calories than traditional cardio. Unlike other fitness programs we don't use traditional equipment, in fact we are the only facility that offers low impact cardio, which means you get to your goal in a safe way.

Cardio Phase - Strength Phase- Functional Phase - Core Phase


A good teacher gives you the right tools and helps you avoid mistakes. Drive is what pushes you to keep going even when you don't feel like it. Community is what helps you along the way- helps you understand you are not doing this by yourself! We have created an inclusive community among the members to help support each other and to keep a very motivating atmosphere at iCardio Fitness.


Try 1 complementary workout