People doing workouts at iCardio Fitness Studio Phoenix Arizona

iCardio Fitness Studio is located in Phoenix, Arizona with state of the art fitness and training facilities.

Experience the difference

iCardio is designed to inspire, motivate, and deliver the best results possible in a fun and exhilarating environment. Come & workout in our state of the art facility that will make you feel energized and focused. All workouts are all low impact to reduce stress on joint and prevent possible injury. Claim your complimentary consultation and assessment here!

iCardio Group Training

Intelligent Cardio (iCardio) is a power packed full body workout designed to torch body fat and tone your body! Our small groups allow you to workout with others but still get the attention you need. Try Our Program

1 on 1 Personal Training

Personal Training

Our Private Training program allows for the most individualized experience. We include everything you need to reach your goals, from your comprehensive workout regimen, nutritional counseling, to your group iCardio workouts. Talk with a personal trainer about your goals

Complete Body Transformation

Ever wanted to trade your body in for a new one? Don't worry you're not alone. iCardio Fitness is here to help you get what you want and reach your goals. No matter where you are at currently we can help fix you, if you follow our guidance and do your part. Schedule a complementary consultation

Personal Trainer Meal Plans

Nutritional Counseling

We all know nutrition is important, but it hardly gets the attention it deserves. Knowing what your body needs and how much in order to reach your goal is where we can help. We don't have a one size fits all approach. Our nutrition plan will be fully customized based on science of what it will take to reach your goals and what your preferences are. Schedule a nutrition consultation

What Our Members Are Saying

Checkout Testimonials Page and learn what our happy clients are saying about iCardio Fitness training & facilities.


Our coaches are the best in the industry. Passionate about fitness, knowledgeable about science, and focused 100% on you. Meet with a trainer to talk about your goals. Setup a your complimentary consultation and assessment here!

Chris Turner - Fitness Trainer At iCardio Fitness Seth Thurson - Personal Trainer & Fitness Expert At iCardio Fitness Phoenix AZ